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The next few pages are special just for the Girls Scouts. Find your troop's group and see how the Y.O.U.T.H. Program, Inc. can help the girls earn their badges. Feel free to make copies.

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Please give us a call for details and pricing.

Website content is just an example of some of the things that we offer. Activities are customized according to size of group and projects.




  • We can assist you with many different educational and recreational activities

  • We have animals such as sheep, alpacas, horses, dogs, etc. 

  • We specialize in fiber art and textile activities

Just give us a call. We will customize your day. Pricing is set according to size of group and day's activities.


2nd & 3rd grade

The Y.O.U.T.H. Program, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides services to youth organizations such as the Girl Scouts, schools, the general public, etc. For this badge scouts can interview our mentors/supervisors to learn how YPI became a non-profit, their goals, objectives, and how they can work with the girl scouts.

Take a tour of the facility and learn about community helping community

  • Pets, Pets, Pets - We have cute ones, cuddly ones, big ones, little ones. For this badge you will learn about what kind of pet would be right for you and how to take care of them.

  • You might like a certain kind of animal but is it right for your environment? We will introduce you to our alpacas, horses, sheep, dogs, and cats. Tell you about their shelter, the area they live in and their type of food.

  • We will help you learn about your new found pet's health care, grooming, daily maintenance, cost and how many hugs a day they will need.

Our 11 acre farmstead will provide you with hours of creativity inside or out. Walk outside and discover your project through the colors of nature such as our beautiful flowers and trees. Want to test your skills for photography? Plenty of opportunity to snap shots of our animals/livestock (such as our horses, sheep, and alpacas. Like historic landscapes? Zoom in on our farmhouse, barn and other outbuilding that date back to 1750.

Make something from our animals fiber through the fiber art of felting. Once you learn the techniques you can let your imagination go wild and create whatever you desire. Flowers, purses, animals, wal hangings, pillows to name a few.


4th & 5th grade

The Y.O.U.T.H. Program, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that works with youth from the ages 14-18 years old. Within the non-profit there is a Student-Run-Business. This business is agricultural related. We take the fiber from the sheep and alpacas and process it into roving, yarn and gift items such as santas, angels, and snowmen. Then we sell them to raise funds to support our non-profit.

For this badge we will take you from the very beginning of how to make your dream come true in the world of business. Learn the difference of a non-profit and for profit and see which one is of interest to you.

Horseback riding - Take a trail ride or own your own

If you think you want a horse but don't come from the background of horses try a trail ride. Still think you want a horse then let us share with you what we have learned through the years.

Find out how to select the right horse for you:

What are the costs for owning a horse?

What environment is required?

What kind of training will you and your horse need?

How much time do you plan to spend with your new friend?

What kind of medical care is necessary?

How important is Respect and Trust between you and your horse?

How to do you care for her?

While spending time with our horses we will talk with you about all of the above and hope that you will love being with horses as much as we do!


6th 7th 8th grades

On our farm we have all kinds of trees for you to learn about and appreciate. Some get flowers. Some get nuts. Some have leaves and others have needles.

Did you know that you can make dye to color yarn out of walnuts? Have fun exploring other parts of the trees to see what dye you can make. Learn how animals, birds, and humans use the trees for living.

Wildlife- Animals - Nature are some of the best places to discover your creativity.

Come visit our farm and enjoy our landscape and the country atmosphere for exploring your outdoor art projects.

Whether it be a snap shot of our animals or focusing in on a flower to paint. Your creations are limitless. Enjoy the ourdoors or come inside and discover our way with fiber. Learn how to make flowers from wool or make a wall hanging from wet felting and then needle felt a landscape.

Learn how to make a felted vase, yarn, a purse, animals or create something of your own!

The Y.O.U.T.H. Program, Inc. has a Student-Run-Business for retail sales for their hand crafted items (such as Christmas gift santas).

  • How do you decide on pricing your hand crafted item?

  • What about taxes?

  • How do you market your item?

Learn the answers and much more. Simulate what processes an item goes through before it gets into the customer's bag.

Sculptured Needle Felting

Our Student-Run-Business has a time period called

"Research and Development". During this time we work on new ideas for products that we sell.

Get creative! Learn the techniques for felting, weaving, sewing, spinning, knitting/crocheting. Then come up with your own idea for a craft item.

See if it's marketable by placing it for sale at our shows.

Learn about business ideas. See if your newly created item could be a business or if it could be sold on the internet.

Using the Student-Run-Business you can simulate what is involved in applying for your first working position. Learn how to fill out a job application for a particular position such as sales, farm mangagement, advertising, etc.

Learn how to present yourself. Participate in a mock interview. What are benefits, pay scale, over time, hourly v.s. salary. Listen to what the employer is looking for in a good employee. What to say and what not to during your interview.


9th & 10th grade

The Teaching Museum for the Fiber Arts and Textiles is definitely the place to be for the Textile Artist Badge.

We offer everything from land spinning weaving, knitting, felting, to sewing. Learn the history of how it all began while creating your new project. These fiber arts were a way of life. Now they are a means of relaxation.

so get your creative juices rolling and come visit the fiber animals, learn about your home town history, and create a project!

On our farm we provide a home for many different kinds of animals.Most of these animals have been rescued.

Come and visit them and hear their stories. Learn about how you can help animals that have been abused.

Find out about domestic animals and how we need to control unwanted situations within our communities.

Lets talk about animals that are used for sports and entertainment. Is it a good thing?

Come here our stories


11th & 12th

Be a trend setter by creating your own piece of fashion. Use the great outdoors to get color schemes to hand dye yarn. Make a hat or headband. Using nature or images from the web you can select a flower and duplicate it through the art of wet and dry felting. Then use the flower for accenting your hat/headband. 

This is just an example of what you can do at our Teaching Museum.

Think you might  like sewing, weaving, hand spinning, knitting or crocheting?  Let us help you learn the techniques. Then select a project.

Give us a call

We will listen to your ideas

Together we will prepare a plan

Something for the young and the young at heart




A project involving animals





And More!

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