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Fiber and Textile Artists, join us in keeping the fiber arts alive! Get inspired! Create your work of art! And then enter our "Nature Presents the Fibrr Arts and Textiles' contest! You may have as many as three entries. However, you may have more than one item in each. For example, if you choose to do a scene with several animals or gnomes, that would be one entry.

All entries have one requirement. Your artwork needs to incorporate Nature. Here are some examples - looms made out of branches woven with greenery combined with other materials, if so desired. Create a gnome scene, needle-felt mushrooms, wildlife, butterflies scenes, etc. Use Pinterest for ideas.

Your entry will be located in our whimsical pine tree grove area. You may display your artwork, or we can set it up for you. The display will be located at or on one of the trees.

Set-up is the day before the event - Friday, October 21st. Contact us to make arrangements for scheduling a time you plan to come. If you choose to set up your display, you will need to have it protected with a cover in case of rain. We will do the same if we set it up. You will be required to provide a plastic cover. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details if you want us to set up your entry.

SPECIAL NOTE: When completing the entry form, be sure to check wheter it's for the contest or fashion show. Each entry needs a separate form.

Ages 8 an up are eligible to enter.

You may have a group effort and enter as one. Example: A girl/boy Scout Troup may want to do a multi-item scene together.

You may fill out your entry form on our website,  copy and mail or e-mail: E-mail: Address: 12637 Mt. Olivet Road, Felton, PA 17322

CONTACT INFO: CALL OR TEXT 717-873-8960 OR E-MAIL  -  If you don't hear back from us in a few days, please try again. Thank You