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Hand Spinning




Hand Spinning is an ancient textile art where fibers, such as wool are twisted together to form yarn. Through the years, spinning has become the backbone of our textile history. Today, this art lives on for our use and enjoyment.

Learn the basics - start with learning about the types of fibers that are common to spin, the different kinds of spinning wheels, and then we will get started with the craft. Our instructor will demonstrate the technique and assist you in learning. Class includes time for practicing on our wheels or bring your own.

Classes usually run for approximately 2 hours.

Most historians place the origin of knitting somewhere in the Middle East. The craft spread to Europe by Mediterranean trade routes, and later to the America with European colonization. Today, knitting is used as a means of relaxation. An extra benefit is you have a finished piece to wear for years to come. If you are interested in learning to knit or want to advance in your knitting skills, give us a call and our instructor will determine your skill level and propose a project for you. Start with a scarf or make a hat. Learn the basics of knit and purl, cable, lace work - to name a few.


The earliest evidence of a horizontal loom was found on a pottery dish in ancient Egypt, dated to 4400BC. It was a frame loom equipped with foot pedals. Today's loom is similar in many ways.

Whether you have an interest in learning the basics of weaving or want to advance your skill, our instructor will guide you all the way. Once you contact us, we will have our instructor call you and set-up a class according to your level of interest and personal skill.  


Learn the history of the sewing machine and it's accessories while you learn to sew. We start with reading patterns and how to use them. We will work with you from start to finish. From sewing basics to learning to make an entire ourfit, you will have fun working with our many different machines. A project will be matched with your skill level. Let's get Sewing!


Felting from wool is considered to be the oldest known textile. From Mongols and their yurts, to the Sumerians in the Middle East for their footwear and clothing. This wonderful form of art is both exciting and creative. Once you have learned the different techniques you can make anything!

You will have the opportunity to learn two techniques through our classes.

  • Wet Felting consists of wetting the fiber using soap and water and then apply repeated agitation. Agitation will cause the fibers to interlock together, making a piece of fabric.

  • Needle Felting is a process of using a barbed needle, fiber such as wool and a piece of foam. Taking the needle in and out of the fiber and foam agitates the fiber causing the fiber to compact.

After you learn these two techniques, you will be able to advance to combining the two to make more involved projects such as bird houses, cat huts, and three dimensional figures.​


Would you like to start farming, but have no background? Want to raise sheep, alpacas, goats, horses, and more? Let us share our 30+ years of successes through trial and error. Learn the basic requirements needed to begin your farm, including appropriate fencing, pastures methods, animal care and housing, medical needs, and more!


Classes run approximately two hours. 

Ben our Border Collie

Ben says

"Fiber Classes are lots of fun." Contact us for more details and scheduling! We hope to start classes in the spring. 

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