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Shady Pines Farmstead

Shady Pines Farm

Shady Pines is privately owned and operated. It was purchased in 1988 with the plan to share animals with youth. Since that time it has grown into a non-profit organization. Scroll down to learn about their community involvement.

Shady Pines Farm
The farmstead dates back to 1750 which runs parallel to the time frame of the Fiber Arts & Textile Museum. Through the years we have met families, their relatives, and friends of those that have lived here over the years. At one time it was a self sustainable farm - raising hogs, chickens, potatoes and other crops. 
For the past 30 plus years, sheep, goats. horses, donkeys alpacas, border collie dogs, and cats have made it their home.
Alpacas in pasture
Boys and girls enjoying one of our horses
(Y. outh program for O. ur community to U. nderstand animals by T. raining and caring for them to H. elp bring our community closer together) 
YPI is a non-profit organization and was established in 2003. We work with youth as individuals, schools, youth organizations, church groups, at - risk, etc. If you work with youth and would like to visit, click the contact button below.
YPI is the sponsor of the Teaching Museum for the Fiber Arts and Textiles and  is open to the general public. This gives us the ability to reach all ages of our community and tourists.
Our Mission is to provide a safe, supervised and fun atmosphere for our visitors, animals and community. By selecting mentors and instructors that are interested in youth as individuals, we hope to inspire them to believe in themselves, utilize their skills and turn their dreams into reality. We provide projects and programs that not only work for the enrichment of youth in our community but also give back to the community.
Our museum was established in 2016 and is sponsored by the Y.O.U.T.H. Program, Inc. Previously we worked with youth ages 14-18 years old. Through the years, we discovered a need for reaching younger boys and girls as well as adults. The teaching museum gives us the opportunity to meet our needs and provide the history of the fiber arts and textiles, while holding hands-on demonstrations and classes. 
The fiber arts and textiles are not just art they are the foundation of our textile industry's history.
If you are interested in helping us in our mission - keeping the arts alive, press the button below.
Our Fiber Room
Our Student-Run-Business

Student - Run - Business

Youth learn how to run a business. From taking care of the animals to assisting with sales. Any youth from York County can participate - as an individual or in a group.
Background is  a picture from a hand felted purse
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